The Insectarium features live and mounted insect specimens from across the globe. Alongside our signature exhibits, we feature educational displays of insects including live beetles, stick insects, tarantulas, scorpions, and more!

Butterfly house

Walk among hundreds of live tropical butterflies in our stunning greenhouse full of lush plants and flowers. Relax and watch the butterflies flutter and feed. If you wear colourful clothing, you might entice a butterfly to land on you!

Leafcutter ants

These agricultural insects are a wonder. Our ant colony is made up of tens of thousands of insects who perform an incredible act of insect farming. Worker ants leave the nest to travel through a series of tunnels, cutting leaves at the other side. They march the leaves back to the underground nest to use as a fertilizer for their nutritious fungus garden.

Honeybee hive

Spot the queen bee in our fully-functional glass honeybee hive! Thousands of bees work together to produce honey to feed their young. Our colony has access to the outside, where workers go to forage nectar and pollen to return to the hive. Learn how honeybees dance to communicate where to find food, as well as how the single-family hive is made up of mostly female bees.