Butterfly House

The most popular part of the Newfoundland Insectarium is the butterfly house. The garden features up to 1,000 live tropical butterflies which come from suppliers in Costa Rica and The Philippines. Every week, 400 to 600 live butterfly chrysalises arrive by courier and are placed in the emergence room. Visitors can view the butterflies as they emerge from their chrysalises and dry their wings. They are then released into the butterfly garden where they delight visitors with their beauty and playful flight. They will often land on visitors, which makes for a great photo opportunity.

In 2011, the butterfly house was expanded, making it nearly 100 feet in length. It is currently the largest butterfly garden in eastern North America. The garden features a pond with goldfish and a waterfall and plenty of benches so visitors can sit and enjoy the tranquility of the garden. A magical place for all ages!

Postman butterfly
Morpho butterfly
Owl butterfly

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