Visitors to the Newfoundland Insectarium will have the opportunity to view thousands of different insect species. The main exhibits consist of live and preserved specimens. The main exhibit level is divided into six zoographical zones, each showcasing insects from a different geographical region.

The specimens in our collection number in the tens of thousands and come from every corner of the world.

There is a special section devoted solely to the insects of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Exhibit level
Leaf-cutter ants

Leaf-cutter ant colony

Witness a colony of tens of thousands of leaf-cutter ants at work. Our leaf cutter ants are the industrious species Acromyrmex octospinosus. The leaf-cutter ants come from South America and our colony has been operating for five years.

These ants harvest plant matter and use it as a natural fertilizer to grow a fungus, which they use for food. Every day, we supply the leaf cutter ants with a generous pile of leaves. They will use any leaf that comes from a bristly or spiny plant. We also supplement the leaves with rice and apples.

Incredibly, this species is one of the only animals aside from human beings to grow its own food.

Glass beehive

Watch as a hive of thousands of honeybees goes to work. The spectacular glass beehive is open to the outdoors, so worker bees can leave to forage and return with pollen and nectar to make honey. Over the course of the Insectarium's summer season, the number of honeybees in the hive will nearly triple.

The queen bee, the most important member of the hive, is marked with a coloured dot, but finding her may still be a challenge!

Glass beehive

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